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Regulations for participants and course information
Individual instrumentalists and existing ensembles or ensembles formed fort the course will be accepted for participation. Ensembles will be given preferred consideration and must have at least the instrumentation of a trio.

Each ensemble should have at least two works prepared. A third work for extended groups, preferably from the area of mixed ensembles, will be worked on, based on proposals from the artistic committee.

Each ensemble can express preference for a particular instrumental coach to work on a specific piece of chamber music.

Enclosed with my application is:
a curriculum vitae
for students: a reference from the principal study teacher
for applicants, who have not taken part in the "Sommerakademie": Each ensemble and every single applicant must forward a demo-file (Audio or video format as MP3, MP4, VLC, Youtube-Link; send via Dropbox, or download service) of at least 15 Min. (not older than 6 months) or show a recommendation of one of the "Sommerakademie" teachers.
the completed and signed application form
Costs and scholarships
Costs for the course are 600 Euro. After recieving a written acceptance, a partial sum in the amount of 200 Euro is to be paid as a regiustration fee before June 30, 2018. The rest of the total sum has to be paid by July 15th 2018.

For financal support please inform yourself about different scholarship options - download the PDF below.

Applications for scholarships should be submitted together with the registration.

Application Deadline: 23.06.2018

Bank account
Internationale Sommerakademie
BIC: NOLADE21NOH | IBAN: DE 96 2675 0001 0000 032375
Application is to be send via e-mail to:
Internationale Sommerakademie für Kammermusik Niedersachsen;
Susanne Geer – arcano Künstlersekretariat: arcano-geer@t-online.de
Download the application form here:
Application PDF
Application.doc file
Regulations for participation as Download:
Scholarship Information as Download:
Scholarship Information
Flyer as Download:
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